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Digital pull testing gauge

Richard Knight

Height Sure has taken its anchor testing services digital with the purchase of a Bluetooth enabled digital gauge.

As a user of the Hydrajaws Digital Reporting System, Height Sure is pleased to take advantage of this cutting-edge solution for on-site pull testing. By using the Hydrajaws App on a mobile phone or tablet device, job details can be set up ahead of time, resulting in significant time savings. On site, the app automatically records and compiles all test data, including pass/fail results, a visual results graph, fixing details, site location coordinates, date, and time. Additionally, users can supplement the digital report with notes, images, and photos captured on site.

To ensure the reliability of test results, the app captures and records the digital report and test data, storing it directly to the cloud. This data can be sent via email to customers or company managers or saved for retrieval during the fixing's lifetime. Height Sures' commitment to continuous development and the latest digital technology guarantees that the data is secure, tamper-proof, and indisputable, giving customers and managers confidence in the accuracy of test results.

For more information on the system please see below:

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