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NDT Inspections


At Height Sure, we only use PCN L2 qualified NDT technicians to perform a broad spectrum of inspections that are applicable to a wide range of applications. Our services include: 

Erosion and corrosion mapping of process pipework, vessels, and tanks,  

Inspections of lifting points and structural steelwork.

All of the inspection techniques we provide adhere strictly to Heightsure's PCN L3 written procedures, ensuring compliance and quality to the following inspection methods: 

  • Ultrasonic thickness inspection. 

  • Magnetic particle inspection. 

  • Dye penitent testing. 

  • PCN Visual inspection. 

Height Sure provides comprehensive written and photographic inspection reports, which offer a high level of detail and are deliverd in an efficient and timely manner. 

Contact us to find out more. Phone 0161 706 1380 or email

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