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Drone Inspections and Surveys

At Height Sure, our combination of CAA-license drone operators and trade-qualified personnel allows us to conduct remote visual inspections and generate detailed written and photographic inspection reports.

Our reports go beyond just providing visual documentation, as they also include recommendations for remedial action based on our findings. This ensures that our clients receive practical solutions and not just a collection of pretty photos.

Aerial photo looking down on rooftop
Top-Down aerial photo of a high rise rooftop

Applications for use:

  • Commercial roofing and façade - condition and leak detection surveys. 

  • Gutter and rainwater goods surveys. 

  • Measurable, Photogrammetry surveys for project planning and quantity surveying.   

  • Dangerous building surveys. 

  • Tower, mast, and pylon inspections.

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IMAGE Height Sure LTD.  Tensile fabric and ETFE roof system, Leeds UK.

IMAGE: Height Sure LTD. Roof access and rope access rigging survey Manchester  

Photoof a rooftop

IMAGE: Height Sure LTD. Roof access equipment survey Midlands   

Building Maintenance Planning  

Drones can be utilized as an safe and quickly deployable solution for identifying and locating  Possible and known building defects without the need for maintenance technician's to have to access Potentially hazardous areas of buildings such as roof areas and inaccessible high level facades to diagnose defects. 

Remove the working at Hight risks  


Removing the following required actions for working at height. 


  • Eliminates  the requirement for roof and working at height permits.    

  • Removes the need for specialist working at height trained maintenance technicians to carry out medial building defects identification such as small leaks and pooling water due to blocked guttering allowing task focused operations to be carried out.   

  • Removes the risk  of dropped  objects from height such as tools and equipment used by building maintenance technicians.  

Photo on a roof looking down to a road

IMAGE Height Sure LTD. Cladding and leak survey and inspection, Liverpool UK.  

Photo of a crack in brickwork captured by a drone

IMAGE: Height Sure LTD. Cracked brickwork monitoring survey Midlands, UK.  

Aerial  photo of a buildings roof

IMAGE: Height Sure LTD. Telecommunications site survey and  inspection Liverpool, UK.  

Flames coming out of a chimney

Asset identification and auditing  

The use of drones allows regional Facility maintenance managers and other management professionals that our responsible for large estates and multiple sites to remotely identify assets on site that require mandatory periodic inspection and other maintenance requirements along with auditing roof areas for safe access 

  • Roof safety audits to identify hazards and risks posed to maintenance workers requiring access to roof areas    

  • Identify and quantify of access and fall protection equipment that requires mandatory inspection and certification    

  • Identifying lightning protection systems

  • Auditing and asset identification of telecommunications sites 

IMAGE: Height Sure LTD.. Off-shore flair tip survey inspection North Sea 

Thermal imagining surveys 

Drones equipped with thermal imaging equipment can be utilized for a number of tasks such as detecting leaks and areas of damp on roof, Inefficient Areas of thermal energy loss  on building roofs and vertical facades and electrical equipment performance  surveys. 

  • Identification of areas of pooling water and damp affected building material's under roof membranes such as asphalt roofing and sarnafil. 

  •  Identification of areas of thermal loss through poor insulation of buildings leading to poor energy efficiency and increased energy costs. 


  • Identification of overheating electrical and process equipment that gives early warning to equipment Failure.




Aerial thermal image
Thermal image of a roof

 Image shows example of thermal image of telecommunications tower showing overheating of componentry leading to Possible. component Failure.

 Image shows example of thermal image of roof area with damp and water Ingress. issues.

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