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Mansafe and Anchor Testing

Mansafe anchor testing

Anchor testing involves inspecting and testing the anchor points and components of the Mansafe system to ensure that they meet the necessary safety standards and are capable of supporting the weight of workers in the event of a fall. This includes inspecting the bolts, fixings, and other components of the system to ensure that they are secure and free from damage or wear.


Mansafe and anchor testing is carried out by our professional team who use specialised equipment to perform load testing and other inspections. The testing process may include visual inspections, non-destructive testing, and load testing to ensure that the system is functioning as intended and is capable of providing adequate protection to workers.


The benefits of Mansafe and anchor testing include improved safety for workers, compliance with relevant safety regulations and industry standards, and reduced risk of liability in the event of an accident. Regular testing and inspection can help to identify potential issues with the system before they become a safety hazard, and can also help to extend the lifespan of the system by identifying and repairing minor issues before they become more serious.

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