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Staying compliant

Richard Knight

Fall protection equipment compliance

Retagging of working at height equipment that has been recertified for safe use is often overlooked. Throughout our day-to-day working at height operations, we often find ourselves on clients' roofs where fall protection systems are already installed, such as Mansafe cables, abseil points, access ladders, and freestanding handrails that need to be inspected and maintained to stay compliant.

It is essential, once equipment has been inspected, to add inspection tags to the systems so that third-party users can see that the equipment has an in-date and current inspection certification and that the equipment can be referenced to the relevant paperwork.

Often in the real world, we see missing tags, poor levels of information on tags, and low-quality tags that have been printed on UV unstable inks and materials, leaving the tags totally unreadable. This leaves users of the systems unsure if the systems have in-date certification that often leads to unnecessary downtime as users stop their intended work scopes to contact the relevant building managers to tell them that the fall protection equipment is out of date. But, in reality, the tags have been sun-bleached and are unreadable.

At Height Sure, we see the critical importance of communication and ensuring the right information is communicated in all aspects of our business. With this said, we have ensured our equipment ID tags are printed with high-quality inks and printed on high-quality materials.

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